Movie Night Out


Having Movie Night Out in the wild for years before this project was a huge advantage. I was able to collect plenty of usage data from millions of users, as well as look back at marketing efforts, to be able to fine-tune the next wave of marketing upon launch.

We also have a unique position in that we are tied very closely with the moviegoer.

Using the Movie Insider test group, created by the New York analytics team, I was able to directly survey thousands of active moviegoers. Among many findings, the idea of presenting movies combined with social and sentiment data was very appealing.


Four main user personas were created. We had two primary, and two secondary personas, ensuring we could revisit these as we made decisions, as well as remind people who we were really working for.

Competitive Analysis

Thorough analysis was done of the movie app market. This mainly included movie utility apps, but also branched out into event planning apps, and any app that fell into the entertainment industry was considered. User flows were created for all major competitors as well as feature tables. The reminder as we embarked on this journey was “We aren’t trying to out-Fandango Fandango”. We are creating a brand new user experience.

Testing Feasability

Based on the initial research around social sentiment, I then needed to dive in to the possibilities afforded us to create our vision. Partnering with Wayin, we found that the information needed to control the features I envisioned was available, and I then began work on how best to implement the new ideas.

Wireframe & Sitemap

With most of the initial research done, it was time to dive into wireframes. Feel free to check out the wireframes!

Challenging Convention

To not out-Fandango Fandango, we needed to differentiate ourselves. This differentiation came through many avenues. Social sentiment powered a buzz meter and real-time user commentary and trends among demographics. Common Sense Media was incorporated into the sentiment data to provide interesting ways to browse movies. A custom timeline could be scrolled through to see what movies were playing in a completely new way.

Not only that, but we tied in with our NCM Beacon Network, the largest beacon network in the US, to provide useful and targeted messaging and offers directly to the moviegoer, and created a clean, exciting way to plan events with your friends.

Finally, using the historical data, I created a design that surfaced the most relevant data to the user, and reduced the amount of paths one could go down. If it could be nothing but one level deep, that’s what it would be. You never get lost and always have access to just what you want!

Project Derailed!

The NCM Creative team produced a series of brand ideas for the Movie Night Out application. It was voting within the company leadership that decided the direction the brand would take. Seeing a problem in this decision making process, I built a simple app that would scroll through these images and enlisted team members to become gorilla UX testers and head out into the world. Our target market was millennials, and not one millennial tested really understood the direction the design was taking. After playing the videos for the teams involved, the project was actually put on hold. This wasn’t the only reason, but became the catalyst that set off the halt.

After months of being on hold, my team was finally able to get approval for what would be called Mini MNO. Using our knowledge from the past year of work, a minimum viable product was conceived. We were given 120 hours to build a complete app for both iOS and Android. This included design, development, QA, and usability testing. And yes, this is impossible. I took my own time out, completed the last of the design and UX testing, and the rest of the team was able to hit the finish line. It’s not what we all hoped for, but it allowed us to update a VERY old app, get the beaconing working, and provide a base to build on at a later date.

Mini MNO

As of today, this app is still available in the app store – check it out! And please let me know if this does not work. Noovie will eventually replace MNO.

Movie Night Out for iOS

Movie Night Out for Android