Movie Night Out

  • A full competitive analysis was done of top movie utility apps, as well as similar apps in the entertainment space, and even apps that shared elements and were known to have successful experiences.

  • Pushing the boundaries of what a movie utility is expected to be was key, and the biggest differentiator was introducing the use of social sentiment. This provided us incredible real-time data tied to the very people discussing and going to movies, not just the critics

  • The entire project was derailed when a design decision for the new brand was made. I enlisted a team of guerrilla UX'ers to go into the field and gather information. What came back was in direct conflict with the business decision for direction and a halt was put on the entire project.

  • Helpful in this project was the ability to tap into our users at any time through the Movie Insider group, a pool of over 5000 actual moviegoers assembled by the NCM analytics department. Many surveys were sent to this group over the course of the project bringing in tons of valuable insights.

  • We were able to build scripts that would pull direct information from influencers of movies. Here is an example of a masonry style feed, at one point part of the MNO feature set, but eventually pulled for lack of value to the user.

Project Description

Movie Night Out – A consumer digital experience that is ongoing, engaging, and provides a closed loop relationship between moviegoers and National CineMedia

Project Details

Client: National Cinemedia

Tags: Design, Mobile, UX

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