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Why We Standup – Agile Team Collaboration

Take a minute and look at the two photos below. You might first notice that they both show one of the greatest football teams of all time. But I don’t need to remind you of that. What they also show are two very different styles of meeting. The first image shows a quick huddle style…

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Mastering Project Management Within Any Development Environment

To be a successful project manager in a software development environment, one must know more than the “best practices” for managing a project. In software, it is often not known what the final product is going to be at the inception, nor is it known the path that will be taken to create the final…

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Going Mobile: Developing a Business Mobile Strategy

We live in a world where an online presence is quite simply a necessity for any business to succeed. As technology advances, and mobile usage increases, this online presence is not satisfactory if accessible only on the typical PC through a Web browser. Mobile access is becoming just as important as PC access was not…

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