Hey, it's Brad

Listening with the intention to understand, rather than to respond. Let’s hold hands and do some UXing.



User Experience

User Experience

Fostering personal relationships with the user in order to build successful product relationships.

Interface Design/Development

Interface Design/Development

Creating delightful layers between humans and the machines they use.



As a Visionary, I have the ability to look at the big picture, spot patterns or trends, and turn them into creative plans.

I remember the first time I heard the actual term UX, and realized that my whole life has been doing UX one way or another. I naturally like people and have always gravitated towards good design.

In high school I saved up $4000 to buy a brand new Mac and beautiful scanner and printer simply because I wanted to spend all of my time designing. This was back with Adobe Photoshop 1.0 amazingly, still my favorite product though it’s finally being challenged. What I found with my design was that I always wanted to use it to make people happy, or to persuade them in some way.

At this same time I also discovered the internet, very slowly, on my 9600 baud modem. It was tough to find anything at the time and I remember having to use E-World to discover pretty much anything, but I did discover a love for technology.

Put the two of these together and I started discovering user centered design and development before it was UX. Once it was actually UX, I jumped in head first and have never looked back. I have thrived in all disciplines of UX having both a strong analytical and creative mind. When I look at hiring new UX professionals, the hardest part is finding this combination, especially when requiring the ability to function socially AND employ empathy, skills I also excel in. I’m generally very modest, but because I have found something that fits so well with the person I am, I feel comfortable saying I’m the perfect fit.

My extensive track record consists of finding consumer & business value through creating highly usable products and processes with efficiency in mind. I have solved complex business problems for companies across many disciplines from start-ups to multiple fortune 100 businesses. I have personally built 2 successful businesses and created teams within companies, showing a strong entrepreneurial drive and dedication to growth, innovation, and quality. In user experience, I found a niche that fit too well with my extensive background in design, sales, business, and development, and I have thrived in a new and incredibly complex field. I’m now able to take my vast portfolio of experience and turn it into great communication and collaboration across multiple disciplines.

When not working, I spend most of my time with my family enjoying Colorado. I’m an avid runner, clocking over 20 miles most weeks, and love spending summers hiking and golfing, and winters up in Breckenridge on my snowboard or soaking in a hot tub. My other passion is creating stuff. Whether it’s new spices like Brad’s Burnt, new apps like Probo, World Music, SunTimer or Picari, new business ideas like FYT Life, or painting and playing music. Please feel free to ask and I would love to discuss any of these with you.

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Standard Skills

UX Research
UX/UI Design
User Modeling/Personas
Usability Testing
Technical Writing/Editing
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