About Me

My track record consists of finding consumer & business value through creating highly usable products and processes with efficiency in mind. I have solved complex business problems for companies across many disciplines from start-ups to multiple fortune 100 businesses. I have personally built 3 successful businesses and created multiple teams within companies, showing a strong entrepreneurial drive and dedication to growth, innovation and quality. In user experience, I found a niche that fit too well with my extensive background in design, sales, business, and development, and I have thrived in a new and incredibly complex field.

When not working, I spend most of my time with my family enjoying Colorado. I’m an avid runner, clocking over 20 miles most weeks, and love spending summers hiking and golfing, and winters up in Breckenridge on my snowboard or soaking in a hot tub. My other passion is creating stuff. Whether it’s new spices like Brad’s Burnt, new apps like Probo, World Music, Sunset Timer or Picari, painting and playing music.