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Listening with the intention to understand, rather than to respond. Let’s hold hands and do some UXing.



User Experience

User Experience

Fostering personal relationships with the user in order to build successful product relationships.

Interface Design/Development

Interface Design/Development

Creating delightful layers between humans and the machines they use.



As a Visionary, I have the ability to look at the big picture, spot patterns or trends, and turn them into creative plans.

I remember the first time I heard the actual term User Experience, and I realized that as someone who naturally likes people AND good design, I realized my whole life has consisted of doing UX one way or another.

In high school I saved up to buy a brand new Mac, flatbed scanner, and color printer simply because I wanted to spend all of my time designing and creating…stuff. This was back with Adobe Photoshop 1.0 amazingly, still my favorite product – though it’s finally being properly challenged. What I found with my design was that I always wanted to use it to make people happy, or to persuade them in some way.

At this same time I also discovered the internet – very slowly – on my 9600baud modem. It was tough to find anything at the time and I remember having to use E-World to discover pretty much anything (there wasn’t much there), but I did discover my love for technology.

Put the two of these together and I started discovering user centered design and development before I knew it was UX. Soon after I jumped in head first and have never looked back. I have flourished in all disciplines of UX having both a strong analytical as well as creative mind. I’m generally fairly modest, but because I have found something that fits so well with the person I am and the experience I’ve had, I feel comfortable saying me and UX are like peas in a pod.

My extensive track record consists of finding consumer & business value through creating highly usable products and processes with efficiency in mind. I have solved complex business problems for companies across many disciplines from start-ups to multiple fortune 100 businesses. I have personally built 2 successful businesses from the ground up, and created teams within companies, showing a strong entrepreneurial drive and dedication to growth, innovation, and quality. In user experience, I found a niche that fit incredibly well with my background in design, sales, business, and development, and I have thrived in a new and incredibly complex field. I’m now able to take my vast portfolio of experience and turn it into great communication and collaboration across multiple disciplines.

When not working, I spend most of my time with my family enjoying Colorado. I’m an avid runner, clocking over 20 miles most weeks, and love spending summers hiking and golfing, and winters up in Breckenridge on my snowboard or soaking in a hot tub. My other passion is creating stuff. Whether it’s new spices like Brad’s Burnt, new apps like Tempos, World Music, SunTimer or Picari, or painting and playing music. Please feel free to ask and I would love to discuss any of these with you.

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Standard Skills

UX Research
UX/UI Design
User Modeling/Personas
Usability Testing
Technical Writing/Editing

My Portfolio

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Wonderful folks I've had the pleasure of working with...

  • Brad is an extremely productive, creative and strategic leader. He completely understands the notion of working both smart and hard while recognizing the difference between activity and productivity. I had the pleasure to work with Brad directly on several major initiatives and can only speak in the highest regards of his work ethic, style, and value.

    — Scott Ungar - Chief Operations Officer, Mediacast Ventures —
  • Brad has the unique ability to learn quickly and tap into resources that enhance a project’s value. He is easy to work with, has excellent communication (written and verbal), and is able to relate to a wide variety of people. In managing Brad, he takes direction very well and asks relevant questions to understand the goal of a project. The quality of work is always high when submitted and finds ways to make it better or improve the process.

    — Alex Ross - VP Product Strategy, Billcast —
  • Brad’s talents and accomplishments speak for themselves, but what I wanted to speak to is the fact that I truly ENJOYED working with Brad. He is a joy to work with and will ALWAYS listen to what you have to say as well as give his feedback no matter how trivial the feature may be. He understands that making an interface intuitive and easy to use is difficult to code and will take more time, but the end result is what the clients will appreciate.

    — Parker Smart - Network Solutions Architect, National CineMedia —
  • As the department Director at NCM, Brad provided phenomenal guidance and advise for our more difficult projects. Brad always seems to be up to speed on the latest user interface and user experience trends and shares his vast industry knowledge with his team as well as other business units within the company. He leads by example and where applicable, he takes a hands-off approach to allow for the growth of the team. He’s been an exceptional boss and I’ would gladly work for him again!

    — Heather Chavez, CSM - Sr. Project Manager —
  • Curiosity. Passion. Empathy. Inarguably the three most important characteristics of anyone called to brave the challenging and ever-evolving field of UX. Brad has all three in spades. His curiosity for what’s possible is what drives him to never be satisfied with the arch-nemesis known as the status-quo. He will not rest until the right solution fits the problem at hand. Brad has a truly unique and valuable skill set of blue-sky thinking while incorporating the delicate balance of mindfulness for the business and its users. His passion for this work is so fervent, he was able to prove the value to make UX an official department here at NCM. Not just stopping there, but hiring a team and leading them well. His empathy is such that he can put himself in the shoes of uneasy stakeholders, and allay fears with thoughtful, highly articulate responses. He also can’t stand to see users struggle. He fights for them to make sure any product he builds has fast, but thorough user testing sessions. Early and often. Brad is a triple-threat force to be reckoned with and an incredible asset to any company lucky enough to invite him to affect change and inspire innovation.

    — Jason Ogle - Designer & Podcaster, User Defenders —
  • I hired Brad as a UX design contractor to be part of a new HP product’s UX design team. He has a great background in UI design. He showed tremendous initiative and teamworks. Upon accepting the position, he immediately hit the ground running. He ramped up very quickly and added to the team’s capacity in a fraction of the time other new designers took. He is personable and professional and fit right into our group. In addition to contributing to the product, he shared UX knowledge with other team members as well. I would welcome working with Brad again in the future.

    — Aparna Das-Caro - R&D Project Manager, Hewlett Packard —
  • I had the pleasure of working with Brad and found him to be a very creative, energertic and skilled UI/UX designer. He has the unique ability to take a concept, and bring it to life in a way that works not only for the business, but also the end-user. He has excellent communication skills — most notably the ability to listen to his client to understand their needs — and is very easy to work and collaborate with on projects.

    — Eric Eldred - VP, Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage —
  • Brad is a extremely talented UI/UX designer who has proven time and time again that he can take an idea or opportunity, run with it, and really make something special out of it. He is always ready to jump head first into any project or task given to him. Brad has a natural ability to turn any set of ideas, business requirements, customer feedback, and web best practices into a well defined, user-friendly, enjoyable interface. I am extremely fortunate to have had the chance to work with him. Without a doubt, Brad would be an invaluable asset to any company.

    — Dustin Hlava - Senior Front-end Engineer, The Zebra —
  • Brad is a very thoughtful and creative designer when it came to developing UI mockups and prototypes for the eBusiness projects we worked together on. I would provide him with business requirements that he would then take to create a user interface that always took into consideration the User’s experience. His communication skills are excellent; he always presented his ideas in an effective, concise, and easy manner. I enjoyed working with Brad and would highly recommend him.

    — Kathleen Weiss - Senior Business Analyst, Hitachi Data Systems —
  • Brad was always great to work with. His attention to the details both from a business perspective as well as design helped spur many projects on to successful launches.

    — John Wyatt - Director of Digital Development, National CineMedia —

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

— Steve Jobs —

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